ABOUT ~ Lauren and 'the girls'

It's hard to spend any time with Lauren and not walk away feeling like you personally know 'the girls'. 'The girls' are actually two Boykin Spaniels named Lily Bell & Ruthy May and a Blue Tick Beagle named Moose. After three years of working in the corporate world of New York City, Lauren found herself 'dog dreaming' on a daily basis about 'the girls' as they sat at home alone. Knowing firsthand how stressful it can be to leave your best friends behind each day, Lauren decided to make a career change that would benefit not only 'the girls', but other dogs with busy parents as well!

Lauren's return to Charleston and her subsequent launch of the Charleston Dog Walking Company in 2010 provided her the opportunity to share her lifelong passion of animals with the Charleston community. Lauren founded this business around three central tenets: customer service, trust, and individual attention. While the business has grown over the past few years, with several fantastic new walkers assisting Lauren in delivering the high quality service Charleston Dog Walking Company customers have come to expect, the core focus of the business has remained constant.

In a world where customer service is often non-existent, Charleston Dog Walking Company prides itself on finding ways to accomplish the client's goals, however unique they may be. Furthermore, we understand the uncertainty that comes with entrusting us with two of your most treasured assets - your dog and home. In addition to being licensed, bonded, and insured, we offer a personal assurance to all our clients that Charleston Dog Walking Company will exercise the utmost discretion and good judgment in caring for your dog and your home. Finally, Charleston Dog Walking Company will always ensure that your dog, and only your dog, will receive our exclusive attention during your appointment.